Optional Variable test Limits

In variable tests we set upper and lower limits. The system demands that limits are set for all 5 types. The problem arises when the variable test only has an upper limit (or lower as may be the case). For micro tests it is always only an upper limit since the fewer bugs you have the better. In many cases ZERO is the desired and most frequent result.

If your target is zero then you are forced to enter a lower warning of -0.1 and a lower fail of -0.2. This is fine, except for the fact that when you are completing the test on the Monitoring record you can see the range in brackets which can be misleading.‚Äč

We would need something along the lines that if nothing is entered into a limit field (it is left blank) then the system would be capable of dealing with it i.e. dealing with it as a zero and in specification?
  • Safefood 360
  • Feb 2 2015
  • Future consideration
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