Document Control Approval Workflow user: add Employee folder and Supplier folder and run daily SQM Approval program

One of our employees mistakenly added a supplier to approve a customer Certificate of Analysis and the supplier could view the document because they are a user of our supplier portal. This incident occurred when our employee was uploading a new document and under approval workflow: user, she picked a supplier by mistake instead of the employee responsible for document approval.

To prevent this from occurring, is there a way to add to the drop-down menu (under user) to include an employee folder and a supplier folder so the employee can pick the correct folder and therefore the correct user for the approval workflow.

Other modules have in their reports a drop-down menu that includes a choice from the employee folder or supplier folder.


Document review: Completed by -Drop-down menu includes Employee folder and Supplier Folder

Supplier Module-Supplier Certification: Main Contact-Drop-down menu includes Employee folder and Supplier Folder

Corrective Action Module-Supplier Corrective Action: Responsible (Action) -Drop-down menu includes Employee folder and Supplier Folder

I’m not sure , if this would remedy the incident from reoccurring but it would help the employee because she will have a choice of folder to pick from rather than a list of names.

Also, as an approver of documents, I would never know this mistake would have occurred because I wasn’t chosen as the approver and only when the supplier emailed us were we alerted to this unfortunate mistake.

So, as another preventative measure is it possible for me to run a report so that I can review the entire SQM Approval program to thoroughly review and ensure that it will not reoccur. Since, our company uploads many documents daily this would be a report I can run at the end of the day to assure our employee has chosen the correct approvers. This is a mistake that cannot happen again as it is detrimental when customers or suppliers received confidential information contained in the document that does not pertain to them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my feedback. I look forward to hearing from you about how to resolve and remedy this situation.

Best regards,


  • Lisa Wong
  • Jun 24 2017
  • Under review
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