Add CA option to the Document Review module

This question was brought up today. When doing internal audits, I have document review associated with the internal audit program. So the person doing the internal audit reviews all documents associated with that particular section of the BRC standard.
This person wondered why there was no option to initiate a CA if a document being reviewed did not meet the Requirement in the Document Review workflow Or maybe the review of the document showed that while the document meets the requirement, there should be a CA checkbox that could be ticked if the document needs to be revised.
I agreed that it would be a good feature, since reviewing a document might trigger a need to revise the document.
Currently you can just provide Comments/Observations in this module, but then you will have to create a CA to get the document changed.
I understand that Document Review is just reviewing, but if things need to be changed in the document, should there not be a seamless way to initiate the process to correct the document?

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  • Feb 15 2017
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