One Monitoring programme that look up the appropriate test specification

Based on feedback from a number of clients who are using the monitoring module for final product testing. There is an opportunity to improve the usability of the module. Where customers produce for example 50 products from the same product type e.g. cookies each with their own specifications for one attribute like pH he user can select one monitoring programme then select the product to be tested and the software will then look up the appropriate test specification. This will avoid having to create 50 different programs for the same test.

  • Silvia Riondino
  • Jun 23 2016
  • Under review
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  • Amusik commented
    July 21, 2016 09:43

    That's a great idea! And it would overcome a fairly common challenge with monitoring: How do we monitor multiple samples with different specifications.

    However, I believe the right place to introduce changes would not be the "Program" element but actually the "Test" that is used.

    Allow Tests to contain multiple limits based on the sample

    When you would build any Test (you would have the option to create different specifications for different samples.

    Default / All Samples: The first specification would always be "Default / All Samples" and would be automatically applied to samples or no sample.

    Sample Specific: You could click "Add another set of specifications" and a new grid would appear for defining new limits. You could select any number of samples that these limits apply to.

    Not required: You should also allow the user to specify no limits for certain samples. This way you could disable tests from samples that are not required. It could be a simple checkbox with "This test is not required for these samples". Selecting this option would turn the field off in the monitoring record for those samples.


    Attached is a quick mockup of the idea.