Select Multiple Employees for Editing

I think it would be incredibly useful to implement some sort of basic interface that will allow users to select multiple employees for what would essentially be a "mass edit." For example, if you have multiple employees in a specific folder (we'll call it Folder A) and you need to move every employee with the same position/job description (or any other factor/field for that matter, like Commencement Date, etc.) to Folder B: instead of having to edit each individual employee, you would be able to select specific/multiple employees via a checkbox of some sort (that would carry on to other pages in the same window, like the employee list, so you can navigate to other pages in the list without losing the employees you've checked/selected so far) and edit the same fields at once. I strongly believe it would help improve productivity and allow users to do more in less time. I know that Safefood 360 staff are willing and able to do this for users, but giving users the option to do it themselves would give less work to Safefood 360 staff in that regard as well.

  • Mason Sylvia
  • Apr 12 2016
  • Under review
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