Training Plan: Automatically add training programs to the Plan tab based on completed training records & add new column for "Re-training required"

Programs / Plan

The Plan tab in the Training module is currently based on the plan that is developed for each employee in the Employees module.

However, it is possible to create a training record for an employee also from programs that are not in the plan for this employee. What happens with these records is that they don't show up in the Plan tab. These records will then only show in the "Training Matrix" but not in the "Plan" tab, which is confusing - especially in cases where you have requested a re-training for the employee.

So it would be great that when you create a training record, the system will check if that program is in the employees plan already and would add the program if it didn't exist there.


In the training record you can mark that an employee needs re-training. However, this information is only shown in the record. It does not reflect in the Plan or the Training Matrix tab. So this information should be shown in both of those tables & the relevant reports.

  • Amusik
  • Mar 7 2016
  • Under review
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