Closing records without havign to process them to end

At the moment if you want to close out a record without processing it the very end you have three options

  1. You actually do fill the record fully - you leave fields empty or make up answers
  2. You archive the record
  3. You delete the record

None of these options is fully satisfactory. Sometimes you simply don't have the missing information, and you know you will not get the information any time soon, so you might just leave the record open in the Actions tab for ages. Filling the record up with just empty fields works, but is not great.

Also archiving gets really messy over time. It is not intended for this use, and you might archive records for multiple reasons, so you won't be able to tell the actually closed out records from those that were archived for some other reason.

Deleting records for this purpose is an obvious no-go as well.

So there is clearly a need for one more universal activity in the system: Close record / End process.

Where would a feature like this be important?

  • Imagine a business process record for NPD - it could easily have up to 14 stages. What if you choose to stop the development after two stages? You would simply want to close the record.
  • Imagine you have a CAPA record open in the system for two years. Management team decides to drop the action. You want to close the record.
  • Amusik
  • Feb 17 2016
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