Reports for optimizing Alerts use

As a manager you might want to get an overview of who is receiving your alerts and who is not.

So it could be interesting to implement some kind of click-through-rate tracking for alerts. This could be presented in a simple report.



Click through rates by person

Name Sent Clicks Click Through
Lassi Eronen 22 1 5%
Braden Snapp 12 6 50%


Click through by alert

Module Message Sent Clicks Click through rate Edit Alert
CAPA A new CAPA is awaiting verification. 50 45 90% Edit Alert
CAPA A new CAPA has been assigned to you. 100 55 55% Edit Alert

The other benefit of this second alert would be to allow you to remove unused alerts from the system. If you discover that there are lots of reports that get never sent, you can archive them.


Trend report for alerts overtime

  Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Total Sent 56 95 102 150 140 120 140
Total Clicked 10 50 76 120 121 101 30


These are just some ideas, but I'm sure there are a number of simple reports that could help you get more out of the alerts and understand their use.

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  • Jan 21 2016
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