Add a Stock Tracking module

It would be great if Safefood 360 had a stock tracking module linked to Batching and Receiving to monitor inventory levels.

  • Braden Snapp
  • Dec 16 2015
  • Under review
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  • Debbie Muresan commented
    December 16, 2015 15:09

    Safefood 360 already does Receiving where you add the kilograms of ingredients coming in and it also does Batching where the kilograms can be taken away from the stock there. So most of the work is already done. If there could be a way to link these 2 it would give e third module which will be huge! The accountant requires access to stock lists, our production manager, the quality people, the MD... 


    Sage also requires monthly stock lists to be uploaded so this can be linked to sage also.