Add a Risk Assessment Module

I have modified the HACCP module to use as a Risk Assessment tool to determine if an "issue" is a simple Correction or is a Preventative Action or is a Corrective Action.
The reasoning behind this is the new FSMA Law treats Corrective Actions very harshly, they require much more control and repeats are very, very bad. We will need to show how we determined that an "issue" was not severe enough to warrant a formal Corrective Action.

Is there any way that you could incorporate the Hazard Analysis portion of the HACCP Module into a module other than HACCP; like a general Risk Assessment module?
I really like the ability to write my on Risk Assessment and Decision Tree most of all. If I could do that in Corrective Action it would be help.

  • Phil Crisler
  • Dec 11 2015
  • Under review
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  • Admin
    Safefood 360 commented
    December 11, 2015 22:25

    Question Phil. What if you could use your own Risk Assessment Model when initiating a Corrective Action? Right now, you can conduct an Advanced Probability / Severity which we could replace with your own model of choice.

    Let us know your thoughts.

  • Phil Crisler commented
    February 1, 2016 20:31

    Yes, adding my own RA (and possibly decision tree too) would be very helpful.