Business Process - a setting to turn off strict privacy settings

The new Business Process module is just phenomenally useful and it has many user friendly innovations!

By default the module comes with strict privacy settings that mean you need to be involved in the process in order to view records.

There could be some setting available that would allow you to turn this feature off. I believe the strict privacy settings can be too much for smaller businesses and make the adoption of the module harder.

So for this reason, it would be great to have a setting available for turning this privacy rules off program by program.

Perhaps the solution would be when you create a program you are free to choose weather to turn it on or off, and that only process owners are allowed to change this setting after the program has been saved.

  • Amusik
  • Oct 12 2015
  • Shipped
  • Oct 30, 2015

    Admin Response

    We have relaxed the permissions a little and now viewing of BP records is possible by non-participants.

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