Project Management Module

There should be a project management control under management. It would be awesome to have control and keep record of tracked projects and their statuses.
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  • Jan 28 2015
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  • Oct 31, 2015

    Admin Response

    Project Management is catered for by the new Business Process module.

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  • Amusik commented
    February 18, 2015 18:09

    This would have to be somehow very simple so that you could manage one project in one record and ideally you could create project templates that would be reusable. It shouldn't be too extensive since there are so many project management tools out there - but it could be a nice lightweight solution that would address those 80% of projects for which normal tools can be even too extensive.

    There could be some standard project templates available already by the system: NPD stage gate project, or some kind of change management template.

    Basic building blocks of projects are milestones.

    So perhaps the project could be built in a way that you first need to define your milestones (and you could add / change later). And once you save the milestones there will be a corresponding workflow stage opened for each milestone. This first stage would also show you a real time overview of the status of each milestone so that you would see in one glance as the first thing the number of outstanding actions in each milestones vs. closed ones.

    The setup of a milestone would be the same for all of them - it would be a description of the milestone and two tables containing tasks. First list would contain open tasks and the other list would contain closed tasks. As soon as you marked a task as closed it would automatically be moved to the closed tasks list.

    Tasks would need to contain some basic parameters: task, notes, owner, deadline, completed by, completed on, progress (%), attachments. The progress (%) could be a dropdown list containing options 0-100% at increments of 10% and when you select an option the cell background will be coloured green like a progress bar and to the correct extent. If you marked the progress as 100% then the Completed by and Completed date would be automatically filled in.


    Task Notes Owner Deadline Completed by Completed Attachments Progress
    Design product package Currently working on the packaging. Making progress but will need your feedback. Jack 09/2015 - - Package design.docx ■■■□□□□□□□
  • Amusik commented
    February 18, 2015 18:13


    With this simple setup you could probably manage even a fairly large project because you could have an unlimited number of milestones and each one of them is progressing nicely.

    The first part of the record would give you that snapshot view on the progress and alerts could be set to alert you about exceeded due dates and new actions that have been opened.

    All this could be done in a very typical SF360 way and using the same elements that are being used in the software already.