Automatically extend Response dropdown in Auditing Module

In the auditing module, if you use a rating you have this nice dropdown list where to choose the score from.

There us a similar dropdown used in Monitoring records for Attribute Tests but the small (and crucial) difference is that this dropdown gets automatically extended when activated.

This would be extremely helpful in the auditing module where you have to go through dozens of dropdowns during one audit and currently you need to always extend the list by clicking the small arrow. The benefit would be big especially for mobile.

Another small enhancement for mobile would be to disable the editing / typing from these dropdowns because currently the mobile keyboard gets activated every time you use the drop down and the keyboard can come in the way of selecting your option. 

  • Amusik
  • Oct 7 2015
  • Planned
  • Oct 31, 2015

    Admin Response

    Changed title to reflect nature of idea and moved to Planned.

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