HACCP Approval Workflow

The HACCP module would benefit from a clear workflow which allows Approved HACCP plans to be revised in draft wile leaving the existing HACCP plan Approved and in play. After revisions and approvals to the draft it would then replace the approved version which is then archived and locked down

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  • Sep 8 2015
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  • Amusik commented
    September 8, 2015 14:20

    This is related to another idea I submitted some time ago: https://sf360.ideas.aha.io/ideas/SF360-I-215

    I think your idea about keeping an approved version separate from the draft is absolutely correct. There should be always the latest approved version available for review (even if it's just a PDF), and then the draft would a separate living document.

    I think it would be also very good to have a whole library of all the approved versions over time. This would allow you to teleport into any plan from the past in a matter of seconds.

  • Guest commented
    April 1, 2016 14:11


    For HACCP there is one thing we might not have discussed recently but which is a fairly relevant improvement that I would welcome.

    Currently you can only get into the HACCP plan via “Edit”. I would love to see an option where you just “view” the plan, without having to go through the “hassle” of going into edit and without the risk that you by accident make a change to an approved plan (and loose the whole approval…)

    The associated think we also discussed already at some point was to realy have “version control” on the plan, like you have with other “documents” in SF.

    To mitigate I currently create immediately a new draft plan after approval of the plan and also print and save a full approved pdf version of each plan.

    One downside is that all the new drafts immediately show again as open actions….