Bring Document Review to the Documents module

Document reviews are currently stored in the Management Review module, but I find it slightly confusing. Also, the Management Review module fills up now with a variety of records - many of which are not as relevant as Management Reviews - which makes the access your relevant information trickier.

There is clearly a well-thought logic to storing all different reviews in the same module, but at the same time it should not be followed if an alternative logic would create a more intuitive work environment. Keeping Documents and Document Reviews in the same module would create a central place where you know you can do ALL your document related tasks and where you can find ALL your document related information during an audit.

I think a great way improve the situation would be to implement three changes.

My four suggestions

1) Add a button in the Document module for "Add Document Review"

2) Add a "Complete" tab in the Document module that shows completed document reviews

3) Bring open document review actions into the "Actions" tab in Document module

4) Extend the reports with necessary reports

  • Amusik
  • Aug 25 2015
  • Under review
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