Reference table that shows where different Utilities are linked

It would be very useful to have a reference table in the user guide that would show you the different types of utilities and show you where they can be linked in the system.

This table would make it easier to understand where and why you might have to apply the different utilities.

The table to could also indicate where the utility is a required field or not. And the items could be linked to relevant user guide articles.

Utility Links to
Nonconformance category

Complaint *

Corrective Action

Supplier Corrective Action

Product, Service & Service Nonconformance


All programs that can be assigned

Corrective action *

Supplier corrective action *

Management Review *


Now this table is obviously an enormous undertaking, and it probably couldn't be exhaustive as it would otherwise become too long. But it could be a useful training tool in the beginning of site setup as well as it would allow you to understand the role of utilities better.

  • Amusik
  • Aug 20 2015
  • Under review
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