Scheduler option to re-open the latest record instead of creating new

In the scheduler it could be handy sometimes (especially in the monitoring module) to have an option to keep on re-opening the latest record in the program instead of creating new.

This would allow you to track some variable that gets monitored rarely (1-4 times a year) to have the previous results available for handy review at the moment when you're filling in the latest results. Example of this could be a quality parameter you're tracking like "Employees requiring HACCP training". You could have a quarterly repeating program that would prompt you for this. Or you could have a quarterly hygiene scores tracking broken down by areas, and the record would give you immediate insight into the previous results.

In case all records in the program would be archived / deleted / none would exist, the scheduler would create a new record.

This would also keep your Compete tab more tidy as more records would be consolidated into one.

  • Amusik
  • Aug 14 2015
  • Under review
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