Improve the HACCP approval & open actions

One of the most advanced modules in the software is no doubt HACCP, but I think there would be room to improve the way HACCP plans are approved and the way open actions in the HACCP module are displayed to the users. The challenge at this point is that the system doesn't indicate clearly enough WHO needs to do, and WHAT needs to be done.

The HACCP module tells you that a HACCP plan is awaiting approval but you need to be aware yourself who needs to do it, and the module doesn't necessarily give you clues as to where the changes have been made. Another area that can remain hidden are incomplete risk assessments that have not been closed out.

There could be multiple ways to improve the situation.

My solution is three-fold:

1) Extend the Actions tab by breaking down all open actions into separate lines in the grid

Perhaps the best way to show the user any open hazard analysis related actions would be to display all incomplete hazard analyses in the "Actions" tab of the module. So you could add some columns to the table called "HACCP plan", "Created date", etc. to give the user more clues as to where the open hazard analysis are. The actions would be called "Awaiting Risk Assessment", "Awaiting Decision Tree", "Awaiting Monitoring Details", "Awaiting Validation".

Approval / verification related tasks would also be presented as separate tasks. "Flowchart Awaiting Verification" would be a task of its own, "HACCP plan awaiting approval" would be its own. And clicking the link would take you automatically to the correct page / flowchart.

2) Since there can be multiple summary tables (CCP-summary & OPRP summary) approval should be a step or page of its own

Since there can be multiple summary tables, it makes more sense to separate the approval of a HACCP plan to a page / workflow stage of its own. Right now the setup suggests that the approval is for the summary table itself, and not for the entire plan. That's why I think we should separate the two.

3) Bring the audit logs / change log to the approval page where you need to approve the entire plan

The audit log should be visible by default on the final approval page. You could easily view the latest changes and the audit log could be broken down to sections that are cut off at the date-time when the HACCP plan has been approved the last time. This would allow you to quickly see all the places that have been changed since last approval. There should be of course links to the original pages that have changed.

The approval button could be the exact same button as it used in the Document Approval to make the experience consistent.

  • Amusik
  • Aug 14 2015
  • Planned
  • Oct 31, 2015

    Admin Response

    Very nice suggestion.

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