Control multiple suppliers with one program

I think many companies approach supplier management by grouping suppliers in some way (high risk, medium risk, low risk - or - food ingredient suppliers, packaging suppliers, service suppliers, etc.) rather than developing an individual plan for each individual supplier.

So it would incredibly powerful if you could list multiple suppliers (instead of one) when you set up a supplier control program. The same would be possibly true for materials, but especially handy for suppliers.

You would still have the power to develop an individual plan if you want to. But for the 90% of suppliers that you do use exactly the same risk assessment checklist, the same audit checklists, the same review schedule etc. it would allow you to develop amd especially manage your plan in a fraction of time. Depending on the number of suppliers you have, you could achieve time savings of anything from 50% to 99%.

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  • Jul 13 2015
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