Triggering a new record in any program in any module from another program and automatically create a link between the two records

This could be a new universal feature in SF360 where in the configuration of any program in any module you could select a number of other programs that will automatically get triggered together with that program.

This type of feature is already used in Maintenance & Cleaning and Batching & Monitoring.

But making this a universal feature would make it a simple feature to use and maintain, and would make it more flexible and versatile. And it would allow you to chain workflows and processes together automatically.

Possible routes would be for example:

  1. Linking a monitoring program for high risk deviations to a management review program
  2. Linking an extensive cleaning program to a hygiene audit program

And you could link to not just one other program but multiple.

One complication in this of course that you could create an infinite loop by accident by linking two programs to each other. That's why the feature should only go one level deep so that the automatically triggered records don't create new ones.

  • Amusik
  • Jul 2 2015
  • Future consideration
  • Oct 31, 2015

    Admin Response

    This is a nice idea and would be implemented using a new Rules module, or (possibly more likely) by extending the existing Alerts module to include Actions that happen when Alert conditions are met.

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