Production volumes

It would be extremely useful for companies to be able to connect KPIs like complaints to weekly and monthly production volumes of a product.

Currently the reporting allows you to generate a report based on one volume number, but this is not sufficient information.

So there should be some kind of a way to input production volumes and perhaps even sold volumes. This would require coming up with some easy and intuitive way of getting this information into the system. Perhaps there could some kind of records generated within the Products & Materials module..?

There could for example be a buton called "Add production information" and you could list out any number of products, dates and volumes in one record.

This information would then feed automatically back to reports like Complaints / ton produced, etc.

  • Amusik
  • May 27 2015
  • Will not implement
  • Jun 12, 2015

    Admin Response

    For now, this level of reporting requires integration with existing ERP/SOP systems and therefore is not within the scope of a casual update to the CA module. The description provided over simplifies the actual development effort required to make such a feature accessible by non-enterprise and non-integrated customers.

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