Consolidating employees and contacts under one module & bringing user management into this module

Today I'm thinking big and this idea is around making user, employee and contact management more straightforward.

1) Bring all contacts into one module
2) Bring user management into that module
3) Consider merging all contacts into one entity type

1. Bring all contacts into one module

This module could be simply called "Contacts" and it would host all the details of people and organizations that are connected to the company in some way - including employees. This would remove the need for hopping from one module to another when managing contacts, make the menu structure cleaner, and just be logical.

2. Bring user management into this module

It's common to have employees who are not users, but I think it's fairly uncommon to have users in the system that are not employees, supplier, or customers or some kind of contact. So it would make sense to bring user management into the module and reduce the confusion caused by the employee-user duality.

You could simply have a toggle at the contacts/employees page allowing you to select if that contact is a user or not, select the solution type they are using, etc. (or this could be automatically determined by their contact type).

If there are users who are not employees, suppliers or customers - there could be another contact type reserved for them called "Other contact".

3. Consider merging all contacts into one entity type just like was done with other Utilities last year

Different contacts contain wildly different fields and information which makes this task seem impossible at first sight, but on the other hand there are tons of commonalities between different contact types. There might be a workable solution where you could have just one form for managing any type of contact, whether it's an organization, employee, or supplier. You could fill in the basic details first and based on your selection of contact type, you would be presented with the remaining specific fields.

This consolidation would make the management of contacts very easy both from the users and developers point of view.

These three changes would remove 2 modules ("Employees" & "Settings -> Users") which reduces development overhead and support, consolidate a bunch of different types of entities into just one, and make both employee and user management easier.

  • Amusik
  • Apr 1 2015
  • Will not implement
  • Jun 13, 2015

    Admin Response

    Sounds great. But unfortunately we do not have the development resources nor priority to focus on such an upgrade which is a clearly a nice to have given that existing processes work very well. The expression, "if it ain't broken why fix it", very much applies to this case. 

    Of course the objective is to fix and improve this process long before it ever become broken. But now is not the time for that.

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