Add a new column to the Country of Origin table called ‘Type’ with values like ‘Origin’, ‘Processing’, ‘Manufacture' 'Distribution’ etc.

currently there is no identification between where and ingredient is sourced from to where it maybe processed or manufactured in the Country of origin table

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  • Mar 16 2015
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  • Amusik commented
    March 18, 2015 11:01

    This is a really nice, simple idea.

    However, I'm wondering if this would just be a quick fix.

    I'm trying to ask myself: "What is the problem here that needs to be solved?" I have a feeling that what this extra column would try to achieve is a kind of supply chain map.

    Perhaps this list could be turned into a matrix / tree where you could map the entire supply chain like this:

    Distribution Manufacture Processing Origin
    Group 1:
    Ireland Ireland Ireland Poland
        Germany Poland
    Group 2:
    UK UK UK Ireland
    Group 3:   
    Germany Germany Germany Germany


    This information could be turned into an actual map by using Google Maps API.