Duplicating a line / test results when completing a monitoring record

This idea relates to completing monitoring records.

It would be a big time saver for some users if there was the ability to duplicate the previous line as opposed to creating a new blank line.

There are two options to approach this:

1) There could be a second button next to "Add Line" called "Duplicate line" and this action would clone any content from the above line, except timestamps

2) At the point of configuring a program you could have one more column next to "CCP", "Mandatory" called "Clone" / "Duplicate" or something like this. Activating this checkbox would mean that this test result will be automatically carried over to the next line.

Why is this useful?

Many times when completing standard information such as "Product line" , "Employee name" , "Product" or something like that the information doesn't change from one line to another. And even numerical tests remain fairly constant, which means that you would only have to change possible the second digit in the number.

Imagine filling for instance a metal detector record by creating a new line every hour. The chances are that 999 lines out 1000 are going to say "no detection".

  • Amusik
  • Feb 23 2015
  • Future consideration
  • Mar 7, 2015

    Admin Response

    This is something we may consider, but only for non-Test columns. To allow Tests results to be copied from the line above would be facilitating very bad practise, albeit convenient for the operator.

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