Tagging records

It would be brilliant if you could introduce the concept of tagging into Safefood 360.

Firstly, you could start by introducing a new category under "Utilities" -> "Categories" called "Tags"

Then in any record you could have a new menu called "Manage tags" or "Add tags" under the "Actions" menu. This could work similarly as the "Add attachment" feature but using the selector widget.

Then when you went to the Tags in the categories module you would be able to find all records that have been tagged with that tag.

This simple feature would serve multiple uses:

  • Statistical analysis of records: Together with the easy query tool you could for example make a simple search that finds all the corrective actions that have been tagged with "Delay" in the last year.
  • Categorization: You could easily categorize for example corrective actions into different areas. "Improvement", "Suggesting", "Priority 1", etc.
  • Search: You could find records that are tagged as "My project number 1"
  • Amusik
  • Feb 18 2015
  • Future consideration
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