Revise Record Naming

In many places in Safefood 360 the naming convention for records is not very revealing. This makes it somewhat difficult to know what you are looking at before the record is opened. For example a grid might give a list of records with names like Corrective Action (1), Corrective Action (2) and so on. I know there are other columns we can look at to narrow the search but it would be great if the naming could be improved. Records generated from Programs could inherit the programs name, for example. Even if we had the ability to change the name to one of our own choosing that would be good too.
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  • Jan 28 2015
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  • Amusik commented
    February 11, 2015 12:49

    In communication science there is a way to measure the information density of messages - so this is actually a really interesting and important point.

    The information contained in a list like "Corrective Action (1),, (2), (3)... etc" is actually just two bits - 1st that it's a corrective action and 2nd the order number. So much better way to present this would be to show just the order number and instead of corrective action show something more revealing or bring in a completely other column.

    Here's a classic paper from Claude Shannon who pretty much invented this whole field of science:

  • Amusik commented
    March 10, 2015 15:26

    That's amazing! really well done.. Is there some place where I can learn how to use this new feature? 

  • Phil Crisler commented
    March 10, 2015 15:57

    Awesome ya’ll !!!

    Love it.

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